Kamis, 28 April 2016

im sick of my life

im sick of my life. drama? cinderella? sinetron? movie? actually, for what that your breathe?
what is life?
life is when you wake up in the morning, eat your breakfeast, take a bath, do your work, eat your lunch, go home, take a rest, eat dinner, go to rest room, and sleep? sometimes you will meets your friends, on the weekend you maybe go shopping, buy clothes, buy shoes, some makeup, some parfume, or things that you spend. oh.. you have to meets your love too. talk, eat together, watch movie sometimes, holding hands, talk, smile, laugh, cry, sad, happy, blossom, bored, tired..
so life is just repeat you ordinary life? life always do the same thing everyday? sometimes feel like 'dejavu' cause you always do the same thing..
actually what is life?

                                                                           #radomfeeling :)